CentOS is “dead” – now what?

You might notice it already but the CentOS project has made a significant change in how they release future releases: Details CentOS was the first choice in the past when it comes to an Enterprise Ready Linux without a need for paying anything. That has changed from now on and the reason why this post […]


oom-killer or wt… ?!

About The following is describing a specific situation when building Android (Android 10 / Android Q) but it is just an example of what happens when the OOM (Out Of Memory) killer steps in. I saw the same behavior on machines especially on splunk> Heavy Forwarders as well and it is a generic issue and […]


Splunk sync/migrate/backup

Splunk is great but also has its limitations. Here are just 3 scenarios that may seem familiar to you: Your company has a clear integrated process for software development and so the need of 3 environments (with different namings often enough): a. DEV (for actively developing) b. INT (for testing stuff finished in DEV) c. […]


Android & Privacy

Android = Google? If you ever booted an Android phone the very first time you know that you have to: accept (often multiple) License Agreements ((almost) no one ever reads) accept (often multiple) Privacy Agreements ((almost) no one ever reads) add or setup a Google account So let’s say you do not want to get […]

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