website relaunched

New website online You likely noticed it already: | has a new & more modern design! Besides that […]

CentOS is “dead” – now what?

You might notice it already but the CentOS project has made a significant change in how they release future releases: […]

Transfer disks, partitions, folders to a new machine (Linux)

About You may notice that I really like Open Source stuff and for sure GNU Linux. One of the uncountable […]

oom-killer or wt… ?!

About The following is describing a specific situation when building Android (Android 10 / Android Q) but it is just […]

Splunk sync/migrate/backup

Splunk is great but also has its limitations. Here are just 3 scenarios that may seem familiar to you: Your […]

Android & Privacy

Android = Google? If you ever booted an Android phone the very first time you know that you have to: […]

Switching from GNOME to KDE

Today just something personal as I found nowhere a proper solution. I am a GNOME user since years now and […]

New Mc Cine release

Mc Cine (Multi cert Creator is not easy-rsa) exists since 2014 and even when it took a bit but a new release has been […]

FWUL reaches v3.0

About FWUL – An easy and ready-to-use distribution for Android lovers has a new major release published. The number 1 […]

Unattended Upgrade Arch Linux – are you serious (part 2) !?!

This is a follow-up of: Unattended Upgrade Arch Linux – are you serious (part 1) !?!   As promised here […]

The ultimate splunk> “Magic 8” for a dramatic performance boost

The magic 6 8 (increased to 8 recently) Here a well known (for long time splunkers) but hard to find […]

Ansible is great and so is Ansible Engine (AE)

[:en]In a previous blog post I mentioned a new approach for easing up your life when using splunk> in bigger […]

Unattended Upgrade Arch Linux – are you serious (part 1) !?!

About Using Arch Linux is one of my best Linux experiences I’ve ever had (before I used Debian and then […]

Linux VPN access with Palo Alto GlobalProtect

[:en]A while ago I wrote about how to connect on Linux with a Palo Alto firewall over a classic IPsec […]

Nando – R.I.P.

Wir werden Dich sehr vermissen…  Nando R.I.P. (click here to see some parts of his 15,5 years on earth …) […]

Android – should you use it? 

[:en]After years on the market we can say one thing for sure: The global players in the phone market are […]

The problems of splunk>

When you start setting up and administrating splunk> you will find something very strange and complicated to handle: the deployment […]

Android + Windows. A driver nightmare.

FWUL ([F]orget [W]indows [U]se [L]inux) Do you have ever thought: “Windows is not detecting my Android phone.. Why????!” or do […]

Monitor your Palo Alto VPN connections

The splunk> app for Palo Alto firewalls lacks a few things like having a good view on your Roadwarriors VPN’s […]

GPS tracking with splunk> ?

splunk> ( has the option to graph geographic data on a map with GPS data. When you want to use […]

Have you ever messed up with starting splunk> as wrong user?

Have you ever started splunk> as the wrong user? Oh well if you have you know what I mean. But […]

When have you patched your BIOS last time? Malware nightmare revealed..

When it comes to Malware the question is not will you get infected but when. There are so much possibilities […]

Google Talk / GTalk is dead – long live Gtalk?

Google stated that their Google Talk will be replaced by Google Hangouts. Like Gtalk Hangouts is also (partly) based on […]

Social engineering for the masses

There are several tools out there which can be used to identify “human threats”. All of them should be used […]

Palo Alto: IPSec VPN client?!

Have you ever tried to connect to a Palo Alto device from a linux system by using an IPSec VPN […]

TeamViewer with video transmission in Linux?

oh well.. I thought it would never work but then I struggled over a tutorial regarding v4l2… and I got […]

sediROM – An Android ROM experience for physical keyboard lovers

Creating a custom Android ROM was never on my to-do list but well sometimes it goes the way life goes. […]

Using Webex on 64bit Ubuntu!?

Well everytime when I need to join a webex I hate it to start my Windows VM. I use Ubuntu […]

vEMan v0.9.6 released…

Here are the most important changes for the latest vEMan version released: Enhancements: added a simple user management: – list […]

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