Android + Windows. A driver nightmare.

FWUL ([F]orget [W]indows [U]se [L]inux)

Do you have ever thought:

“Windows is not detecting my Android phone.. Why????!”

or do you just wanna support someone which is using Windows and having that issue?

  • … of course you have re-installed the drivers of your phone’s vendor.
  • … of course you have re-downloaded the newest one from the the vendor’s homepage as well
  • … of course it still does not work

All my devices running LINUX so I have no such issues but everytime when I had support requests they talking sooner or later about the above issues.

Everytime when I was in that situation I thought why there is no simple live ISO which has just the important android tools installed?

Now I have good news for you: I started a project on exactly this to help me and other supporters to get things done for Windows users.

Check it out here: FWUL .