vEMan v0.9.6 released…

Here are the most important changes for the latest vEMan version released:


  • added a simple user management:
    – list users
    – add a new user (including shell access and role)
    – change user (password, role, shell access)
    – added check for 8 chars in password because of ESX requirements (warn only)


  • when an empty VM-Status caching file exists vEMan shows always the status symbol (without a VM name). That may had result in strange displayed list in some special cases or the symbol was displayed even without a VM name (even when you know that there have to be one).
  • moved all caching files to the personal ESX-folder (~/.vEMan/your-esx-server/) instead of having it all directly in the ~/.vEMan working dir. This will also ensure that ‘overlappings’ (displaying VMs from another esx) will not happen in the future anymore.
    This also may fix different other problems especially fixes all problems when running vEMan twice or more the same time. This is possible from now on because session cookies etc are all saved in the esx-working-dir.
  • deployment to ESX 5.1 was not possible
  • fixed several bugs regarding the VM list:
    – When ESX has sleeping VMs ONLY
    – When no online AND no sleeping VMs on your ESX server
    – When no online VMs but offline AND sleeping ones
  • Console not working with ESX 5.1 or higher (now displaying user howto for ESX-FW setup)


Checkout the full changelog including all fixes and enhancements @sourceforge

Get more information about vEMan here: vEMan project page.