… the one solution?!

Theoretical it is imaginable that there preexists a solution for everything already.

In practice often a packaged solution does not exists or it is too expensive or maybe simply lagging important features.

At this place Open Source software and/or development can be the way to go but pay attention! Even when it sounds attractive to control the whole source code you should proove exactly if and how this can be a solution for you.

… so migrate to Open Source or own developed software?

If you play with the idea of migrating to Open Source products or developing your own software you will need an experienced partner on your site who knows the pitfalls and precedences around it.

Let us talk about your situation and the question if this can be a way for your company and issue to solve. Often Open Source or own developed software can help you out and sometimes not.

… look around.

The following pages give you some examples of software and tools which are results of customer projects or requirements and published under a free and public license. This is not always possible because many tools are customer and / or solution specific or the customer do not want to publish the source of own developed software.

Nevertheless Open Source is an important part of the technology world where all can participate and benefit.

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