The most companies already know the weakest link
within their security barriers …

… but they do not fix it!

We all know that technical protection will never be 100% perfect. That’s a fact.

One is clear: You have done everything technical possible to protect your company. Malware-Gateways, Security Proxies and Application Level Firewalls and maybe even much more …

The problem is that good IT protection can not be solved pure technically. The ‘human factor’ still remains.
Protecting the human factor is possible and it is the weakest link in your security concept. Both are important facts, too.

Employees can be easily attacked and social hacking is much more efficient then attacking firewall systems or avoiding intrusion detection systems.

An awareness training will sensitize your employees and will help protecting your company for zero day attacks and others efficiently.

… fix it!

Get solid statistics about the ‘human protection level’ within your company.
Get traceable results for all tests made.

Train your employees to detect anomalies based on the results and current security breaches – directly from security experts.

Use the contact form and ask for an appointment of a secure diversITy employee awareness training.

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