Quality is not just a theory.

Quality: What does that mean for you?

  • If you think quality is self-evident
  • If your opinion of quality is not doing the absolute necessary only
  • If you expect that a solution has to be independent from a specific vendor
  • If for you consulting starts with active listening and continues with working out a common understanding

… then we have the same understanding of: “Quality is not just a theory.

What can you expect?

  • Practical experience in IT-Security & Open Source – projects since 2002
  • Working out solution concepts for IT-Security for your specific company
  • Unique Availability- & Application-Monitoring Know-How
  • Deep product specific Know-How of (examples): Juniper, Blue Coat, Palo Alto, splunk>, Safenet, Nagios, …
  • Integration of Enterprise Ready Linux & Open Source solutions and products
  • Consulting & Migration to Open Source while respecting in-plant and economic aspects
  • Firewalling, Malware-Protection & Safeguard in internal and external networks
  • Solutions for complex IT–problems – but – vendor independent
  • Training for employee awareness raising, Open Source and IT-Security products & solutions

How about insurances?

No one want to tell you: but humans are not machines and therefore making mistakes.
A special consulting insurance fill that gap (german language only):

Get more information about the Consulting-Insurance of Thomas Fischer - secure diversITy, Fahrenzhausen

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