sediROM – An Android ROM experience for physical keyboard lovers

Creating a custom Android ROM was never on my to-do list but well sometimes it goes the way life goes.

This is just another example why I really love Open Source software…!

The background:
I have very annoying bugs detected in Android regarding Bluetooth. This bug is splitted into two parts:

1) ICS:
Paired devices are forgotten/lost after a reboot


2) Jelly Bean or any higher version (including kitkat 4.4):
Due to a complete re-development of the Bluetooth stack the headset profiles are completely unusable since 4.1! But who uses BT headsets? No one? I don’t know but I use this quite a lot!

So the only choice was to use ICS and live with the fact that I need to pair again and again each time rebooted.

Or.. ?

No not at all: well I could try to fix that ICS bug? And build an own ROM which is more the way I like it..

The birth of “sediROM”: [ROM][ICS] sediROM – current inside – stable – smooth – rooted or not-rooted

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