Full access to your ‘crown jewels’ ?

Do you really want to allow more or less unrestricted access from unguarded devices, Smartphones, Laptops, Internet shops or private Desktops?

You have secured your networks with big Firewalls, Intrusion Detection and Malware protection but do you really want to leave the backdoor open?

Surely not. But today it is impossible to imagine a company without allowing Remote Access. It is efficient and allows to do work from any place in the world – so how to combine security and convenience?

…the solution!?

Believe it or not but “the one solution” is not there.

It is important to understand your specific workflow and individual requirements. Where are your priorities – where not? Are there any compromises needed and last but not least it is a question of budget. Together we will find the one solution for your company and the challenge to met.

The solution should be a competent and vendor independent security consultancy – based on you.

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