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Google Talk / GTalk is dead – long live Gtalk?

Google stated that their Google Talk will be replaced by Google Hangouts. Like Gtalk Hangouts is also (partly) based on XMPP which is a free and very well tested standard. As a first real consequence of that statement the Google Talk app for Windows has been deprecated as of February 23, 2015. But the GTalk […]


Social engineering for the masses

There are several tools out there which can be used to identify “human threats”. All of them should be used by permission only (check that with your local lawyer, too) and can help to secure your company. You will always need security knowledge and practical experience when using those tools so do not hesitate to […]


Palo Alto: IPSec VPN client?!

Have you ever tried to connect to a Palo Alto device from a linux system by using an IPSec VPN client? Global Protect is the preferred way when you want to establish a VPN to a PA device but even when this software is available for Windows and MAC OS it isn’t for Linux. But […]

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