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Android + Windows. A driver nightmare.

FWUL ([F]orget [W]indows [U]se [L]inux) Do you have ever thought: “Windows is not detecting my Android phone.. Why????!” or do you just wanna support someone which is using Windows and having that issue? … of course you have re-installed the drivers of your phone’s vendor. … of course you have re-downloaded the newest one from […]


Google Talk / GTalk is dead – long live Gtalk?

Google stated that their Google Talk will be replaced by Google Hangouts. Like Gtalk Hangouts is also (partly) based on XMPP which is a free and very well tested standard. As a first real consequence of that statement the Google Talk app for Windows has been deprecated as of February 23, 2015. But the GTalk […]


Palo Alto: IPSec VPN client?!

Have you ever tried to connect to a Palo Alto device from a linux system by using an IPSec VPN client? Global Protect is the preferred way when you want to establish a VPN to a PA device but even when this software is available for Windows and MAC OS it isn’t for Linux. But […]


TeamViewer with video transmission in Linux?

oh well.. I thought it would never work but then I struggled over a tutorial regarding v4l2… and I got TeamViewer working in Ubuntu (12.04 – bit) It is so damn simple. Test it / Start it: The webcam is shown in Teamviewer.. I then edited /opt/teamviewer9/tv_bin/script/teamviewer and added the above env line like this: […]

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