Today every little system is writing a log or can show interesting statistics and error data. The information within could help to identify problems, prevent resource bottlenecks or even detect intrusions and attacks. So in short you have tons of data which can ease up your life but no one can handle tons of data, right?

It is not the amount only it is also that you have logfiles in hundrets of formats, XML and CSV output, you have information saved in databases, self created applications, REST-APIs and more …

So even if you could handle the amount of data it will be impossible to handle the way of getting them in, right?

When all that would be possible then you need to correlate and find out the links between. Ok and at least this will be a “Mission impossible”, right?

Monitoring is availability checking only?

Monitoring is all of these. It is the availability part and it is also to evaluate system (e.g. log) data as well.

  • Do you want to link up and visualize problems in processes, systems and network?
  • You need End-to-End Monitoring?
  • Alerting and notifications are important for you?
  • You think about Performance-Monitoring?
  • An efficient Availability-Monitoring is missing?
  • Do you want to get the hidden secrets dozing in your IT data?
  • You want efficient and google-ized IT data?

… the solution!?

Believe it or not but “the one solution” is not there.

It is important to understand your specific workflow and individual requirements. Where are your priorities – where not? Are there any compromises needed and last but not least it is a question of budget. Together we will find the one solution for your company and the challenge to met.

The solution should be a competent and vendor independent security consultation – based on you.

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