LEDM is currently in PLANNING state. If you have interest in participating do not hesitate to open a request over the contact form.

Linux Enterprise Desktop Manager

The LEDM server is a management system for Debian and Ubuntu Linux Desktops. LEDM is and will stay Open Source software but there will be commercial plugins available in the future (e.g. Active Directory Bridge). The core components will stay Open Source and free of charge.

Core features (currently in planning and development):

  • Update-Management

The following features are currently on the roadmap:

  • Desktop Firewall Management
  • Secure Desktop settings based on security policies
  • Active Directory – Bridge (Usage of Microsoft AD – user groups and permissions including AD Group-Policies)
  • Software-Management and Deployment
  • Update-Management for more distributions (planned: 1. CentOS, 2. Fedora, 3. openSUSE)

The usage of the Open Source software edition is for testing and smaller environments but for productive usage a full support package is recommended to ensure fast and valid help.

Use the contact form and ask for LEDM.

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