Data Protection and Privacy Policy

This website uses analytics software which tracks usage information by respecting the following guidelines:

  1. When users have set their web browser to “I do not want to be tracked” (DoNotTrack is enabled) no data will be collected at all.

  2. When DoNotTrack is not activated your IP will be stored only anonymized/masked (by last byte 123.123.123.XXX)

  3. The anonymous log data collected as written in 2. will be automatically summarized after a given period of time (after 180 days)

  4. The summarized log data as written in 3. will be automatically deleted after a given period of time (after 14 months)

That way it will never be able to identify you or a specific system and the data will be collected for statistic data only.

You should see an option dialog here allowing you to opt out if you do not want that anonymous data gets collected:

If above is no option dialog visible it may be blocked by your browser or gateway. If that is the case please click – HERE – (opens a new window)

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